The Rowan Brothers        

     Chris & Lorin

Acoustic Roots/Americana

Signed by Clive Davis/Columbia Records and later David Geffen(Warner/Asylum)  for their tight brotherly harmonies and haunting melodies on guitars, mandolin, featuring an eclectic mix  of original  and  classic covers with a sound of modern day Everly Brothers meets the Beatles, Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young, and Bluegrass.



Wednesday,Dec.18,Iron Springs Brewery,Fairfax                                      PERFORMING  AS  “DAY TRIPPERS” / Beatle Night featuring Lorin Rowan/vocals, electric guitar; Chris Rowan/vocals,acoustic guitar; Scott Gubernan/keyboards,Robin Sylvester/bass, & Pete Lavezzoli /vocals,drums

Friday,November 22, Rowan Bros-Chris &Lorin with Scott Law, Happy Hour 4:20-6pm, Terrapin Crossroads

Friday,November 22, The Rowan Brothers band-Lorin & Chris , with Eric McCann(bass), Matt Willis(drums) ,Scott Law(Guitar) &  Mookie Siegel (keys)  – Terrapin Crossroads  7:30-!0pm

Saturday,November 23, Rowan Brothers w Ken Emerson, Beatrice Woods Center for The Arts,Ojai,CA 7pm

Sunday, November 24, Rowan Brothers w Ken Emerson, Hse Concert,Ventura,CA  7pm

Friday, November 29, The Rowan Brothers-Lorin & Chris   The Trident SAUSALITO   6-9pm

Wednesday, December 4,, Iron Springs Brewery, Fairfax,CA- Lorin Rowan & Kirk Casey’s  acoustic  Deep Blue Jam Xmas show ( w Eric McCann (bass) & Matt Willis(drums) 8-9:30pm

Friday, December 6, CASA Holiday Fundraiser -Lorin acoustic trio w Eric McCann & Dore Coller 6-9pm

Wednesday, December 11,  Lorin solo Xmas music, Panama Hotel, 4 Bayview St. San Rafael, CA 94901, 6:30-9:30pm

Wednesday, December 12  Lorin’s Rattlebox featuring Doug Harman (cello),Barry Sless (pedal steel) with Scott Law (mandolin), and Mookie Siegel (keyboards), Terrapin Crossroads,San Rafael, CA 94901, 7:30-10pm

Friday, December 13, The Rowan Brothers-Lorin & Chris -The Trident SAUSALITO   6-9pm

Wednesday, December 18,, Iron Springs Brewery, Fairfax,CA- DAY TRIPPERS- Beatles music-Lorin & Chris w Robin Sylvester (bass) & Pete Lavezzoli (drums) & Scott Guberman(Keyes) 8-9:30pm

Friday,December 20,Rowan Bros-Chris & Lorin-Happy Hour 4:20-6pm, Terrapin Crossroads

Friday,December 20-The Rowan Brothers band-Lorin & Chris , with Eric McCann(bass), Matt Willis(drums) , Ken Emerson/lap steel.electric guitar- Terrapin Crossroads  7:30-!0pm